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To create a playground that is inclusive of children with autism, you must 안전놀이터검증 업체 recognize that the severity   of their condition ranges, and that each child is an individual. Autism can manifest itself in a variety of ways, with some children exhibiting milder symptoms than others.

On the other end of the range are conditions such as Asperger’s and PDD, which are both developmental disorders. ADHD and ADD are even considered to be on the same continuum by some studies. Sensory Processing Disorders are one of the most common symptoms among people with autism, accounting for 95 percent of those classified on the spectrum

It is widely accepted that Dr. A. Jean Ayres developed the notion of sensory integration dysfunction, now known as Sensory Processing Disorder, and the therapeutic interventions for children who have it. Tactile (the sense of touch), vestibular (the sensation of movement and gravity), and proprioceptive (the sense of how our body operates) are three of the senses she stresses in her work (muscle and joint information).

They may be too sensitive to sensory input in those with Sensory Processing Disorders. In contrast, some persons may be hypo-responsive to sensory input, meaning they are less receptive than they should be. Often, it’s a combination of the two. We can conclude that each child is unique because of this. As a result, just like any other child, children with autism react and enjoy a variety of playground activities. Some broad observations can be made based on the three senses discussed above concerning 안전놀이터검증 방법 what should go into a playground that actively embraces kids with autism.

To prevent children from being able to escape an overstimulated playground, it should be completely enclosed.

Gardens, grassy spaces, trees, and other natural elements should all be included in the design of the playground. Studying children with ADHD, researchers at the University of Illinois found that taking a walk in nature can improve their focus.

To be considered safe, the surfacing must meet or surpass all standards. Children who are unable to feel their senses strongly may want to climb as high as they can and leap from a great distance. They can feel the impact because of the steepness of the fall. They may not be aware of the danger, which is why it is critical to perform routine maintenance on the safety surfacing material.

Overstimulated children should be able 토토 안전놀이터검증 to retreat to areas of peace. Playground equipment such as a playhouse can be used to create a quiet area.

The equipment on the playground should be separated by a bit more distance so that children can play without bumping into each other or being bumped into.

Children should be able to climb, jump, and swing on the equipment at the playground. Children’s vestibular and proprioceptive systems benefit from these exercises.

A child should be able to hang from equipment like monkey bars. The proprioceptive system is developed as a result of this stress on their muscles and joints.

Parents of autistic children often mention how much their children like sliding, so your playground must have a slide. Including a variety of slides, kinds may be beneficial, as each form of the slide provides a unique sensory experience.

The tactile feedback provided by sand and water activities is excellent. A large sandbox where a child may play in the sand and be completely covered in it might be a good idea. Some children will find comfort in the sand’s weight.

There should be activities that the youngster can participate in on his or her own, away from the 안전놀이터검증 커뮤니티 main traffic arteries, to keep the child safe. These types of games, like tic-tac-toe or a marble maze, can help.

Children with autism frequently need to work on their spatial awareness. To do this, crawling through tunnels is a solid option to consider. There may be a need for caregivers to be able to monitor the tunnels and provide aid if necessary.

The following are some first ideas for constructing a playground for autistic children. In any case, it is crucial to consult people of the community when planning a playground.

Parents (particularly parents), Occupational Therapists who specialize in Sensory Processing Disorders, and Physical Therapists are among professionals you would want to include on your planning team to guarantee you obtain solid feedback on the requirements of children with autism. The playground will be used by children with autism, so you may want to find a couple of them who are ready to offer you their advice.

Guidelines for Playground 사설 안전놀이터검증 Safety to Reduce the Risk of Injuries

Accidents at the park or playground may ruin a carefree afternoon like nothing else. Companies that develop and produce playground equipment and recreational places should put the safety of children first.

It’s a shame that this isn’t always true. Over 200,000 children in the United States are treated in emergency rooms each year as a result of accidents sustained on the playground, according to research. Many of these injuries may have been averted if more adults had been there or if the playground had been designed more protectively.

Here are a few easy tips for parents who want to make sure their children are safe.

Designing 실시간 안전놀이터검증 a Playground

Playground safety isn’t only about the equipment, but the surface on which it’s placed. Most children will fall at some point while playing and running around. This is a common occurrence.

Because of this, the surface provided must be soft and cushioning. Hard materials like concrete, grass, or packed soil are not suitable for youngsters since they do not give any cushion in the case of a fall.

Parents should check that a playground is surfaced with soft and forgiving material such as

A sandstorm

Incorporate mulch into your landscaping.

Shredded rubber

There are two 메이저 안전놀이터검증 types of pea gravel:

Materials that resemble rubber

It’s also important to keep playground surfaces loosely packed so that they don’t lose their cushioning capabilities. Last but not least, there should be around 12 inches of surface material for every 8 feet of playground equipment.

Supervision by an adult

Adult supervision is a key factor in reducing the number of injuries on playgrounds. Children’s lack of awareness of the hazards of irresponsible and violent behavior makes adult supervision and control essential on playgrounds.

When conducting a safety check on a playground, make sure that parents have a place 카지노 안전놀이터검증 to watch their children play and that the entire area can be seen.

Observation of the children’s behavior on the playground should also be a priority for parents. Parents should keep an eye out for the children’s demeanor while at the playground, as this can help them assess whether or not it’s safe for their children to play with them.