Privacy Policy

Betting is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers’ personal information. Data processing, data transport, and data storage are the focus of our policies and methods of protection since they provide data confidentiality and safety.

Only Google Analytics is used to gather data from this site. Cookies are used solely for this reason.

Why do we gather this data?

All of the following types of personal data are always accepted and processed by the Betting Bonuses:

A valid email address is required to sign up for this Site, along with a password.

Registration and subsequent authorization on the Site both necessitate the use of a user login.

A password is needed to register on the site, as well as to authorize future transactions.

If the user utilized the “Login via social networks” features during registration, then the information they provided was in the public domain.

User-provided personal data and information are acceptable to Betting, which accepts and processes it.

A user’s biographical information may be accessed under his username and password by visiting the “My Profile” area of the Site.

Comments left by visitors in different places throughout the website (blogs, news, contests, individual bookmaker page, betting center, forecast of any expert or capper, etc.).

These cookies are required for the proper operation of statistics services that track the User’s activities on the Site and to make the User’s experience more personalized. By examining anonymous cookie data, the Betting may better understand how users engage with the Site’s different pages, sections, and modules.

All of the User’s data is kept strictly secret, except for any instances in which the User decides to make his data publicly available on the Site of his own will (for example, in comments or a personal profile).

What is the purpose of gathering user information?

Except in instances where current Swedish legislation mandates the mandatory storage of personal data for a specific time, the Site Administration collects and saves only the personal data of the User necessary to enable full or partial functioning of the Site, Products

User personal data is processed by the Site Administration so that the Site Administration and User can complete the contract, which is to provide the Site Administration with access to use the Site, its functionality, and Products for the User to the subject of the contract.

Any lawful means, including automated technologies, are used to process the User’s data without regard to time limits or other restrictions.

Except in instances when the User voluntarily provides information about himself for broad access to an infinite number of people, the confidentiality of the User’s data is protected. Because of this, by using some features of the Site or Products, the User consents to some of his personal information being made public.

Information about an individual is sent to another party

The personal information that the User chooses to make public is accessible to the public, but the Operator does not share this information with anyone else.

The Operator has the right to transmit the User’s data if the current Swedish legislation permits it.

The User – a Swedish citizen – provides personal data at the request of Swedish state authorities (local self-government entities) following Swedish legislation.

To carry out their official obligations, the Operator gives its personnel access to the User’s data. Employees of the Operator, in particular, can maintain a data log and do other tasks to ensure that the Site runs well.

The Operator must remove the User’s data from its database and depersonalize the Site as soon as technically practicable upon the User’s request given to the Operator through e-mail.

If the operator or its representatives become aware of a breach of the Policy, they have the right to remove personal data and/or information that violate it and to block the offender’s account. There is no requirement for the User’s Data to be verified to ensure compliance with the Policy’s requirements. Delete personal data and information that violates the Policy is an option available to the Operator, but it is not required.

Personal data will be erased immediately by the Operator if any of the following circumstances apply:

For the purposes for which it was gathered or processed, personal data is no longer required.

The user has revoked his consent, and as a result, the processing has come to an end.

The processing of personal data was done in an unauthorized manner.

We may share your data with third parties.

Betting t and the following organizations may have access to your Personal Data:

Government agencies, including law enforcement and regulatory ones, as well as others

A company that provides credit reports

Fraud detection and prevention organizations

Organizations specializing in the authentication of identity

Regulating organizations for many kinds of sports

Organizations that serve as a springboard to us

You ask us to share your data with Third parties who are required to offer you the products or services you requested

Using certain goods may necessitate sharing your Personal Data with third-party service providers.

Other firms within the related or subsidiary companies, as well as partners and business successors in title to our business, may also get personal information that we provide with them.

Our Privacy Statement has been updated.

Please revisit this policy periodically as we reserve the right to make changes.

Changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to you through email, notice on the website or other agreed-upon communication methods if material. We’ll let you know about the changes ahead of time, so you’ll have plenty of time to evaluate and understand them before they take effect.

Changes to the Privacy Policy will not be implemented unless you explicitly consent to them. Some or all of our products and services may cease to be available if you reject the new Privacy Policy or do not accept the changes within the specified time frame.